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Malsch INDIVIDUAL – this label represents impressive, unique pieces of high-quality healthcare furniture, manufactured from high-end materials. They can be tailored to individual customer specifications.


As a natural material, wood is an increasingly popular choice, particularly in bedrooms, and for good reason: Wood creates a feeling of warmth, cosiness and comfort and also conveys a sense of security. Studies attribute health-promoting qualities to wood and have shown its positive effect on the indoor climate. In addition, the untreated material has antimicrobial properties and eliminates typical hospital germs more quickly than surfaces­ made of plastic, for example. Wood also has a proven positive impact on people’s mood; it is calming, reduces stress and promotes recovery.

Malsch INDIVIDUAL brings these benefits to care environments. Headboards, footboards and side bars made from real wood or real wood veneer help to create a natural, warm and homelike atmosphere. The wide range of manufacturing options means there are almost no limits when it comes to design. Whether you prefer a split wood effect or an unplaned finish – the possibilities are endless.


Headboards and footboards in faux leather add a cosy, comfortable touch to the care bed. This high-quality, durable and low-maintenance material is water-repellent and comes in many different padding and quilting styles. The authentic appearance of the faux leather combined with a high-quality feel and first-class workmanship make the care bed seem like an elegant comfort bed, with the technical details taking a back seat.

Whether smooth or grained leather, combined with a solid wood frame or a leather head and footboard with diamond or button stitching – Malsch INDIVIDUAL offers full design flexibility for people with discerning tastes.


The top trend in bed design: Fabric-upholstered beds create an especially cosy and comfortable atmosphere and blend harmoniously into homelike surroundings.

Our high-quality fabric collections in the latest colours offer numerous design possibilities and set new benchmarks for modern, comfy care beds. Attractive and inviting to look at, they fit perfectly into modern living spaces and unite functionality and design.

All fabrics can be matched to real wood frames and are also available in various padding and quilting styles.

Striking design feature: the elegant solid wood trim on the side bar is possible with all design options.

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With its striking and charismatic appearance, the AURA Chalet care bed can be manufactured to customer specifications. The highly-distinctive wooden components in sun-baked mature wood make this technically-sophisticated AURA comfort care bed a truly unique item. The durability and reliability of this exceptional, one-off piece of furniture will last for generations – just like the centuries-old, naturally-weathered mature wood.

Innovative details, such as floor lighting integrated into the side bar and the mobilising side rail system, establish the AURA Chalet as a highly-functional design piece.

The integrated floor lighting is controlled by the seat sensor and ensures safe orientation at night.

The unique appearance of the mature wood creates a particularly cosy and rustic feel.

German Design Award winner 2018 und red dot winner 2016 - Das MALSCH Pflegebett AURA


Malsch INDIVIDUAL offers exceptional head and footboards in real wood and real wood veneer in a wide range of different wood types. High-quality, natural and homely individual pieces are made by hand to match the decor and layout of your personal space.

The use of real wood for headboards, footboards and side bars offers numerous manufacturing possibilities. The high-quality appearance of the different types of wood is stylish and distinctive. The models illustrated show some examples of the variety in wood processing.


Massive Eiche mit Baumkanten-Abschlussleiste

Dielenoptik mit Dekorelement alufarben

Sägerau mit Dekorelement silber
(individuelle Farbgebung möglich)

With Malsch INDIVIDUAL, clear-cut and stylish design goes hand in hand with functionality. The elegant side rails in high-end aluminium provide the best example of this.

Malsch care beds are avail­able with two or four side rails as required. If you do not need any side rails at all, they can be removed completely.

The special design of the lower frame in matte black gives the bed a high-end visual appeal and makes it look as if it were floating. We can paint the lower frame in the colour of your choice to match your decor.

Individuality down to the smallest detail for a coherent overall concept.

With Malsch INDIVIDUAL, clear-cut and stylish design goes hand in hand with functionality. The elegant side rails in high-end aluminium provide the best example of this.

Malsch care beds are avail­able with two or four side rails as required. If you do not need any side rails at all, they can be removed completely.


The care bed is the main element of a resident’s room. To create a harmonious space, we offer a range of coordinating ­furniture which can be further modified to meet your requirements and wishes. In particular, the bedside cabinets that stand just next to the bed can be customised to match the bed’s design.

Malsch INDIVIDUAL offers various models to suit your taste. Whether in real wood or with sides quilted in leather: the ­bedside cabinets blend perfectly into the overall concept and create a perfect room design.


In addition to the leather, fabric and decorative designs featured in this brochure, we will be happy to show you our range of material samples as part of a personal consultation appointment at our showroom.

Malsch INDIVIDUAL leaves nothing to be desired. Contact us to arrange your free consultation appointment.

In addition to our real wood versions, we also offer a wide selection of tougher wood imitation pieces that have the appearance of authentic wood for use in situations where cleaning and disinfection requirements are particularly high.

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